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August 10, 2016
SacInteractive -- Minecraft Plugins: Not Your Parent's Summer Job

Next week at SacInteractive, Caleb Brock is coming back to give a talk titled "Writing Minecraft Plugins: Not Your Parent's Summer Job".

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July 30, 2016
Part-Time Office Manager Wanted

South of Shasta is looking for a part-time Office Assistant / Manager. EVERYONE that's worked for me in the past has gone on to find a better full-time job. Need more skills on your resume? Need a stellar letter of recommendation for your next full time gig? This job has been a great "launch pad" to get several people into the next phases of their careers -- it could be for you as well!

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July 18, 2016
SacInteractive - Making Art With JavaScript

This Wednesday at SacInteractive, Bill Bead from the Art Institute will be presenting on "Making Art With JavaScript".

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July 13, 2016
My Amazon AWS Summit Schedule

I’m attending the Amazon AWS Summit today, along with a handful of colleagues.  There’s a pretty massive amount of content, especially for a 1-day FREE conference! Assuming the trains are running on time (we’re coming in from Sacramento via Amtrak) here’s my best guess as to where you can find me. Probably.

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June 22, 2016
Dev.Objective() 2016 Recap

Wow things have been busy lately! Giving 3 lectures at 2 back-to-back conferences on the other side of the country will do that. :)

Dev.Objective() 2016 wrapped up last week.  This is the 2nd year with a wider topic base and less of a ColdFusion focus (tho CF was still covered).  As a result of the switch in focus, attendance levels were lower than previous years, but anyone reading the conference handout already knows that, and knows it was expected as well.  It takes time to make such a big change; Dev.Objective() is a well run machine and I’m sure the team already has ideas for how to continue improving everything.  There was a brief mention of the conference happening again next year, it’ll be good to see what continued changes happen.  Personally I hope the content is about the same as this year: a good amount of ColdFusion as well as other related technologies.

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June 21, 2016
Dev.Objective Notes: Automated Hybrid Application Development And Release - Trevor Brindle

(I had never seen Trevor give a presentation before this — it was a great talk full of useful content.  Shameless plug: he and I are both speaking in September at NCDevCon.  Hopefully we don’t have conflicting timeslots, I want to see his session on Vagrant for mobile dev! Dan, please don’t schedule us at the same timeslot! ;) )


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June 21, 2016
Dev.Objective Notes: Take Home Your Very Own Free Vagrant CFML Dev Environment - Gavin Pickin

(I've seen Gavin speak several times and have worked with him on a project as well.  He is excellent at explaining concepts new to the audience/co-worker/whatever. I've seen several Vagrant related talks over the last year and this was easily the most well constructed of the bunch.)

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June 21, 2016
Dev.Objective Notes: Lucee 5 - A Deep Dive - Gert Franz and Michael Offner

(This session was one of the highlights of Dev.Objective for me!   The idea of being able to contribute to Lucee is very exciting, and like many others, doing so with the version 4 codebase was pretty challenging.  The entire process of compiling Lucee 5 from the source code is noticeably improved in Lucee 5!  It was actually exciting to watch how easy it is! Wanna see for yourself?  Gert and Michael were kind enough to record that that portion of the session for everyone —

Nothing against Adobe (I still use ACF quite often for many of my clients), but I’m very glad to see this forward motion from the Lucee team and am looking forward to contributing back to the project!)

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June 20, 2016
Into The Box 2016 Recap

Into The Box 2016 wrapped up last Tuesday evening; this was my second Into The Box, both as a speaker and an attendee.  I like that this year’s conference was at the same venue as Dev.Objective, it made for fewer logistics among both the attendees and speakers; registration and sessions all ran smoothly, etc.  Lunch was on par with NCDevCon (I skipped breakfast and ate at the hotel), and of course there was the obligatory mariachi band and snacks at the reception. :)

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June 18, 2016
Into The Box Notes: Building Mobile Apps w/ Ionic and ColdBox - Scott Steinbeck

(Scott’s talk was very well done, and perfectly timed, as I was giving an Angular/Ionic deep dive the following day at Dev.Objective.  Not only was Scott’s talk well organized and full of useful information, it gave me a chance to sanity check the content for my presentation one last time.  As I did end up using a little of his content in my talk, I (voluntarily and happily) included his name in my slide deck. Thanks again, Scott!)

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