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Into The Box Notes: VUE more with less, John Farrar

(John did a lot of walking thru code during his preso. I eventually stopped taking notes and just watched his code. I believe the sample files will be available for download from him somewhere.)

Dont replace jquery w/ vue
they solve different problems
keep using jquery if you want

some things in Vue is a bit like learning to drive a clutch

Vue is probably not your choice for mobile TODAY. but they’re getting there.

Modern options:
Angular, React, Vue

Vue not as hardcore OO requirement as, say, Angular is

Progressive Web App
like SPA but better verbiage
“you load a website and as you ‘progress’ thru it, the site adapts”

jquery - updates the DOM on a page
Vue - update thru the SPA/PWA

How does Vue change the story?
Progressive Web App (aka SPA)
Stateful (ala Flux)
Smaller, Faster

Trust but verify
don’t need to be paranoid but probably shouldn’t commit your company to a library until you’re sure there are apps, sponsors, etc, that support it.
Is there a community around it?

to compile the code and drop the compiled code on the server