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New Mura 7 iFrame Plugin

While working on a project with Blue River, Eddie Ballisty and I had to write a Mura plugin for adding iFrames to a Mura website.  Blue River was kind enough to let us release the plugin as open source for the rest of the Mura community.

You can download the plugin here:

The Mura IFrame Plugin has an Admin screen for adding/editing multiple iFrames in 1 place and creates one database table via MuraORM.

It’s also got a front-end Display Object so you can just drag and drop the iFrames into place on any pages that needs them.  The Display Object utilizes some of the newer Mura 7 functionality — configurators, modal popus, the JavaScript API and the /handlers folder convention.  I think it’s a decent example some different features available within Mura 7 Display Objects that haven’t gotten a lot of exposure in real world examples yet.

Anyway, feel free to download and check it out; let me know if there are any questions.

Thank you to Eddie Ballisty and Blue River for the team effort in making this available for the Mura community.