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SacInteractive Needs a New Co-Manager

Local techie friends, I'm in need of a co-manager to help run my SacInteractive monthly meetup. The current co-manager is moving out of state next month. Anyone interested?

Some details about the group:

  • We meet every third Wednesday evening of the month at HackerLab, 17th and I, downtown Sacramento.
  • It’s an “all things web and mobile development” tech group. Instead of, say, just focusing on HTML5, we have a variety of topics and speakers. We’ve had people present on Bootstrap, Docker, building iPhone games, making Minecraft plugins, HTML5 tips, AngularJS, intro to Vue, using Unity to make video games, etc.
  • This is not a pay position or anything like that. Just a “let’s run a tech meetup and give back to the community” thing. But Adobe sponsors us, and TekSystems sometimes brings pizza to the meetings (in exchange for getting to talk for a few minutes about what they do and pass out business cards). So there’s that, and we get to network with the HackerLab folks, who are great.
  • Attendance varies depending on the topic (and how good I am about promoting the meeting). Anywhere from 5 to 25 people typically. I’d like the new co-manager to be able to help me with new promo and networking ideas so we can grow the group more.
  • Ideally we have guest speakers each month, but if I’m unable to schedule someone, then either myself or the co-manager usually give the presentation. (It doesn’t have to be crazy advanced. “Intro to Bootstrap 4” would be a perfectly acceptable topic, for example.) So obviously I’d need the co-manager to be some sort of techie person. The actual tech stack he/she is familiar with doesn’t matter. They also don’t need to be a senior-level dev person, just know enough to help with ideas for the group.
  • Somebody that has ties to other local folks that might want to present would be amazing (and/or can help me come up with topic ideas each month).

If you know anyone that might be interested, feel free to pass them my contact info. I’m happy to answer questions, meet up for coffee to provide more info, etc.