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SacInteractive presents: Docker For Developers

This August SacInteractive will have Dave Jones back to give his talk "Docker For Developers".


Join us this month as we take a high level look at Docker, a widely used software container platform. In this talk we'll touch on the basics of Docker: images, containers, Dockerfile, and Docker Compose. We'll take a look at images available on Docker Hub, and even spin up a couple customized Docker containers of our own. This is an entry level survey of Docker so no prior knowledge of Docker is needed. If you are a software developer working with multiple application stacks, you'll want to see how Docker can make it easy for your whole team to set up identical development environments to help eliminate the "it works on my machine" syndrome". 


Wednesday Aug 16


at Hacker Lab (17th and I, downtown Sacramento)

FREE and open to everyone!

Please RSVP at