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Speaking at CF.Objective 2017

The calendar has been posted, I guess that makes it official. I’m speaking at CF.Objective 2017!  

I’ll be giving two talks: “Dependency Injection, Why Is It Awesome and Why Should I Care?” and “Best Practices Are Best, Except When They're Not”.   I’ve made some updates to both talks recently; if you’ve seen them at previous conferences, there will be at least some new (to you) content in each talk.  Card is subject to change, some restrictions apply. ;)

After a cursory glance at the schedule I’m quite excited about this conference.  As is customary with CF.Objective, there are several tracks of content.  There is a good mix of ColdFusion / CFML content and various other topics as well.  Looking to learn more about Docker or fill in knowledge gaps on how to build SPAs? I think you’ll be quite happy with the available sessions.

This year CF.Objective is moving to Washington DC.  It’s also changing to a 2-day format with a lower price! Fewer days needed for travel, and less money out of your pocket, but still tons of great content! Win-win!  Early-bird pricing is still available for another few weeks on the CF.Objective website

Hope to see you there!