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Wednesday at SacInteractive -- JavaScript + Art: Drawing via Code

Jon Nutting and I are running the Sac Interactive meeting this Wednesday night. July 15, 6:30pm at Hacker Lab (1715 I Street Sacramento). It's FREE and ALL AGES and open to anyone that wants to join us. There may even be food. smile emoticon We'll also be previewing a new design for the SacInteractive website and soliciting feedback from the group. See you there!
"JavaScript + Art: Drawing via Code"

In this presentation, Jon Nutting will demonstrate some of the cool ways to dynamically create artistic renderings by leveraging HTML5 <canvas> and JavaScript. If attendees find this an interesting topic, this will likely be the beginning of a series of presentation. There are so many cool things that can come from the fusion of Art and JavaScript.

(This was originally scheduled for June. We had to cancel the June meeting at the last minute, so we moved the talk to July.)

We're meeting at HackerLab (1715 I Street, Sacramento). Hope to see you there!