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Angular.js Fundamentals

Angular.js is a very popular MVC JavaScript framework written by Google. It's a great platform for building modern Single Page Applications (SPAs) that work on laptops, mobile devices, and can even be used to build desktop applications and more! In this course we'll start at the beginning, covering both how to start using Angular as well as TypeScript to build your applications. You'll learn about transpilers, the Angular and Node command line interfaces, and will build several Angular applications using current best practices along the way. Highlights of this class include:

  • Installing and configuring Angular.
  • Using TypeScript to build your Angular app.
  • Using the Angular CLI.
  • Models, Views, Controllers, and Service Layers.
  • Displaying a list.
  • Building Master / Detail pages.
  • Connecting Angular to the cloud.
  • Routing.
  • HTTP.
  • Data Binding.
  • Forms.
  • NgModules.
  • Dependency Injection.


  • Experience with HTML and CSS are required.
  • Experience using a modern IDE such as SublimeText, Atom, or Visual Code is required.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals is required – variables, functions, loops, arrays, if() statements, and object literals should all be familiar to you before taking this class. Being comfortable with the command line will be a big help.
  • We highly encourage you to take the Node.js training before taking the Angular course.

This class will move quickly! It's very important that students have the prerequisites before signing up. There will be a lot of hands-on writing code, lots of time discussing what is happening internally while Angular is running, and very little time for checking Facebook instead of paying attention. :)

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