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HTML5 is quickly becoming the standard way to build websites (for both desktop and mobile).  There are new tags, new attributes, simpler ways to do things and more new features available in the browser than ever before.  Effects like rounded corners and animations used to require third-party technology; now they are built in to the browser via HTML5.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

This class will cover:

  1. What is HTML 5? -- A quick high-level intro to into what that term means.
  2. Some "grammar" changes from HTML 4 / XHTML, and how to do things via HTML 5.
    • Different rules about opening/closing tags, DOCTYPE, attribute/value pairs, etc.
    • Tags that are no longer allowed.
  3. New structural elements for HTML documents
    • Section, Header, Article, Aside
  4. Non-structural elements
    • Mark, Time, Wbr, etc
  5. HTML5 and CSS3
    • Default styling so HTML5 tags work in older browsers
    • Rounded Corners
    • Transformations
    • Drop Shadows
    • Gradients
    • RGBA coloring
    • CSS Animation
    • Advanced CSS selectors
  6. Audio and Video
    • Different supported file formats
    • How to autoplay or loop a video file
    • How to display the "controls" for a video player
  7. SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
  8. New Form Features
    • DataLists
    • New Input Types - Email, Tel, Color, etc
  9. Custom Font Faces
    • Using local font files
    • Using fonts via Google Fonts
    • Using fonts via Adobe TypeKit
    • Pros and Cons of each
  10. 3-column layouts via CSS3
  11. CSS Positioning
  12. Media Queries & Responsive Web Design
  13. Which browsers support which parts of HTML5?
  14. Tricks for supporting older browsers.

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