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HTML and CSS Fundamentals

HTML5 is the definitive standard for building things on the web. Whether it’s a mobile app, website, hybrid app, or an Internet Of Things device — if it runs on the internet, it uses HTML5. In this class we’ll start at the very beginning, showing you how to build your very first web page, the basics, and semantics that go into using HTML5.  We’ll build a variety of projects and cover topics such as using audio and video; properly structuring your web pages, using graphics, forms, and tables among other features.

You’ll get hands-on experience writing HTML code using modern tools such as SublimeText, DreamWeaver or VS Code.  We’ll also show you some troubleshooting techniques, following best practices, and more!

Topics include:

  1. Explanation of HTML5 and CSS3
    • Tags, attributes, and your first web page
  2. HTML5 semantics, structure, and syntax
    • HTML5 vs XHTML vs HTML4
    • Proper syntax for building HTML pages
    • How to validate your web pages and check for errors
  3. Using custom fonts
    • Loading fonts locally
    • Loading Google fonts and other third party fonts
  4. Dealing with columns of text
    • 1, 2, and 3-column layouts
    • Building responsive layouts for mobile devices
  5. Using images, audio, and video
    • Background images vs content.
    • Playing audio and video content in a web page
    • Loading YouTube content
  6. Splash Vector Graphics (SVG)
    • Making graphics in-line via code
    • Loading SVG files
  7. CSS properties and selectors
    • Classes, IDs, and when to use them
  8. Tips on debugging and troubleshooting

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