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Intro to Programming With JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the core building blocks for making interactive websites (and mobile applications).  It can be used for form validation, creating menus, adding animation and slide shows and any other kind of logic you can think of to a web page -- it also works in every modern web browser.  We'll use JavaScript as the programming language to each you the fundamentals of programming, including:

  • Programming Basics
  • Working with Variables and Arrays
  • Conditional Statements, Branching, if/else statements
  • Repetition / Looping
  • Defining JavaScript Functions
  • Handling HTML Events
  • Using Browser and Document Objects (DOM manipulation)
  • Form Validation
  • Object literals
  • Working with JSON and Ajax
  • An Introduction to other JavaScript technologies (jQuery, Node, Angular, etc).
  • Tips on debugging JavaScript applications

Prerequisites: This class is designed for beginners. It's recommended that students have some prior exposure to HTML and CSS.  No prior programming experience is required -- we'll start at the very beginning, with how to write your very first JavaScript program, and build along the way as we add new concepts into the curriculum.

Upcoming training dates: May 5-6, San Francisco.

This is an in-person class; all the required training materials and computer equipment will be provided. Class runs from 10am to 6pm both days in a classroom training facility located in San Francisco.  There are a variety of transportation and food options nearby making it easy for students to attend.

Contact us for more details and pricing.