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South of Shasta offers both on-site and remote training classes for a number of IT and Software Development topics.


jQuery has become ubiquitous with modern web development. It makes many common JavaScript tasks much easier, provides cross-browser support and that’s only the beginning. After the basics, jQuery can also be used to easily add animation, asynchronous functionality (Ajax) and more to your projects.  This class will start with installing and and using jQuery basics, then we’ll get into integrating jQuery into your HTML forms, adding animations and other effects to your websites, as well as installing and using plugins and some jQuery best practices.

SQL Scripting

Whether you're a web developer using PHP/ColdFusion/Java, or an analyst looking for better reports out of your database, understanding SQL Scripting is an invaluable tool.  This class goes through the basics of what is a database (and how it differs from a spreadsheet like Excel), how data is organized, and then expands into the different basic tools available in SQL for building reports.  We'll also cover joining data together, adding, updating and deleting records, and a few other tricks as well!


HTML5 is quickly becoming the standard way to build websites (for both desktop and mobile).  There are new tags, new attributes, simpler ways to do things and more new features available in the browser than ever before.  Effects like rounded corners and animations used to require third-party technology; now they are built in to the browser via HTML5.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Intro to Programming With JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the core building blocks for making interactive websites (and mobile applications).  It can be used for form validation, creating menus, adding animation and slide shows and any other kind of logic you can think of to a web page -- it also works in every modern web browser.  We'll use JavaScript as the programming language to each you the fundamentals of programming.