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5 Things to Know About MuraCon 2018

The other day, I had a great conversation with Jason Long at Blue River about the upcoming MuraCon 2018.  Historically MuraCon has been the “conference for Mura CMS”.  I say “historically” because this year things are a bit different. If you’re expecting MuraCon to be just (or mostly) content for Mura CMS users, you’re in for a big surprise!  Yes there’s Mura content, obviously, but that’s not the only thing; heck, it’s not even the main thing! Need to learn Docker? There is almost an entire 1-day track worth of Docker content. Are you more of a marketing person and less of a developer? They’ve got you covered there too. Here are some other things you may not know about MuraCon 2018…

  1. There is a "locals" discounted ticket.

    Blue River have added a “locals discount” for people already in the Sacramento area. Maybe you have to flip back and forth between some day job things at the Capital and attending a few sessions here and there? Maybe you just want to check out what other local design agencies are up to? Did you just graduate from the Art Institute or Sac State and want to learn more about the local industry? You can buy a ticket using this link and the cost is only $199 — that’s more than half off!
  2. Most content is NOT Mura CMS specific.

    Do you still need to check out Alexa or React.js development? There are sessions that touch on beginning with both of those technologies.  And AMP, and new CSS techniques too. You get the idea.  There’s also a session sponsored by Adobe, (presumably to show off things in the upcoming version of ColdFusion but I’m just guessing there based on other discussions I’ve had with Adobe recently).  
  3. There is an entire Digital Experience track for non-developers.

    MuraCon is 2 days, and 2 tracks. The Digital Experience Track is composed entirely of content for marketing teams looking for new information about content personalization, lead generation, prototyping project ideas and engagement. Yes some sessions probably touch on Mura CMS (or the Mura Experience Platform, I assume).  But look at the session descriptions — you could send anyone from your Digital Marketing team to that track and get a ton of value, even if they’ve never used Mura before.
  4. The Docker workshops.

    Are you a developer that’s never used Mura CMS, but wants to learn Docker? Check out the Developer track — there is a half-day workshop on learning the ins and outs of Docker (and several other sessions touching on Docker related technology throughout the rest of the conference)?  Again, almost all of this content is just straight Docker training, and doesn’t require any knowledge of Mura CMS (though Mura 7 works well with Docker — we’ve done several projects that way).
  5. This is expected to sell out!

    I’ve attended the last three (I think) MuraCon events in a row. Every session I attended in last year’s Digital Experience track had a packed room. The Developer track was in a somewhat bigger room, but by no means was it empty. Jason mentioned MuraCon is selling tickets at a similar pace to last year’s conference.  The hotel itself is already sold out — if you need accommodations, I’d suggest jumping on those quickly!

See what I mean? Calling it “MuraCon” this year is almost misleading. :) I’m not speaking at the conference this year, but I’ll be in the audience.  Hope to see you there!