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CF Camp 2018 Recap

Two planes, two continents, a two-hour drive from San Francisco, and 36-ish hours later, I’m finally home from CF Camp 2018!

My CFCamp 2018 Schedule

Greetings from Munich Germany!  On Thursday and Friday I’ll be at CFCamp, the conference for all things CFML/ColdFusion in Europe!  Who says ColdFusion is dead? CFCamp has grown year after year, having to move to bigger venues twice in the last 4 years.  

Speaking at CF Camp 2018

Freshly back from ColdFusion Summit, and it’s already almost time to leave for the next conference. In a few weeks I take off for Munich to speak at CF Camp 2018!

ColdFusion Summit 2018 Recap, Part 2

In the earlier post, we covered our adventures with the pre-conference workshop and highlights from the keynote.  Tuesday and Wednesday were the traditional 1-hour sessions. 

ColdFusion Summit Notes: Sync or Async the Aha Moment - Shirak Avakian

understanding sync/async

Synchronous - the operation blocks a process until the operation completes
runs “line by line”

Asynchronous - non-blocking
only initiate the operation

ColdFusion Summit Notes: Geek Out With the Smart Language Additions in ColdFusion 2018, Rakshith Naresh

null support
datatype preservation

interacts w/ JavaScript, database,
how do we handle nulls in OTHER platforms?
so now we have REAL null support
and real datatype is preserved
if it’s a ‘string’ it will continue to be a bool in CF2018

ColdFusion Summit Notes - Refreshing your UI: Modern Uses for WebSockets, Giancarlo Gomez

websockets are:
full duplex communication channels over a TCP connection
bidirectional communication
little overhead
not holding an http connection open
very low latency

ColdFusion Summit 2018 Recap, Part 1

Last week was the 2018 ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas. By all accounts it was a very successful event! This year’s conference was held at the Hard Rock Hotel, slightly off the strip more than past hotels have been, but I didn’t really mind. Between teaching a pre-conference workshop and the various music references in the hotel, I didn’t really have a need (or time) to venture out until after the conference was totally over.

My ColdFusion Summit 2018 Schedule

In a few hours I jump on a plane for Las Vegas to attend the Adobe ColdFusion Summit!

WordCamp Notes: Blogging Basics, Improve Your Blog and Maximize Results - Jennifer Bourn

blog is a file cabinet - a place to store content that other people need to be able to find easily and quickly
place to store info

categories are like drawers
tags are like folders