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January 6, 2023
CFML Developer Wanted

We're looking for a CFML Developer to help with a new project. It should be pretty steady work for at least the next 3 months, possibly longer if all goes well.

November 28, 2022
Sample Code for the ColdBox Master Class

Are you taking the ColdBox Master Class on CFCasts? Some folks were asking where to find the Vandelay Forum app that I used in the video training.

November 4, 2022
Free ColdBox Training For The Rest Of 2022

CFML developers that still say "I don't know how to use ColdBox", your excuses are now officially invalid. ;) The ColdBox Master Class video training series that I produced for Ortus Solutions is FREE for the rest of the year!

October 7, 2022
Adobe CF Summit 2022 Recap

The Adobe CF Summit 2022 is done! I'm down in the hotel lobby waiting for my ride to the airport which means it's officially time to work on my conference recap! Honestly I can't think of any reason that this conference wasn't a huge success for everyone involved. I saw no clunker sessions, no tech issues, overall a very smoothly run event!

October 5, 2022
CF Summit 2022 Notes

Sometimes I take notes during the conference sessions. And to my surprise people are actually reading them. :) Here's everything I jotted down during the Adobe CF Summit 2022 presentations. Enjoy.

October 2, 2022
Speaking at CF Summit on Monday

FYI for anyone attending the Adobe CF Summit this week, there's been a small schedule change. I'll be giving my talk "Web Components and CFML" on Monday at 2:45. Some of the material says Ray Camden (or somebody else that Ray was pinch-hitting for, I don't who) was going to speak in this time slot; that's now out of date.

September 23, 2022
My CF Summit 2022 Schedule

Hotel confirmation is in hand, plane ticket has been booked, it’s official…I’m going to the Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas! Much like Into The Box earlier this month, the CF Summit is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay up on CFML development practices. And the agenda includes enough content for non-CFML developers, that I’d also encourage Engineering Managers and other techies to attend. (Really, this is true of most tech content — a lot of it is easily applicable to different environments.) Not registered yet? You can sign up at this link.

September 9, 2022
Into The Box 2022 Recap

Into The Box 2022 is a wrap! My first in-person conference since this pandemic madness began two years ago. While the attendance level was a bit smaller (but expected) I think the event was a big success overall.

(Before we get into the recap…a brief reminder: this is not a ColdBox-specific conference! While yes there are many sessions related to ColdBox, I count at least 10 sessions, some of the workshops, and most of the pre-conference virtual sessions that have nothing to do with ColdBox. Seriously, if you’re a CFML developer of any kind, this conference will add value to your development experience.)

September 1, 2022
Speaking at Into The Box 2022

(In my best comedian voice) so, the pandemic…am I right?! Next week I’m flying out to Texas for my first in-person conference in WAY too long! I’ll be giving 2 talks at one of my favorite events: Into The Box in Houston Texas!

July 17, 2022
Speaking At Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2022

Slides are done, code is written, demos are working. It's official: I'm speaking at Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week 2022! This is a FREE week-long virtual conference, featuring a bunch of amazing presenters covering not just ColdFusion specific talks but also things like Alpine.js, CI/CD pipelines, Amazon S3 and much more!

June 16, 2022
Part-time CFML developer wanted

South of Shasta is looking for a part-time mid to senior level developer that can assist with some projects for our clients over the next few months, possibly longer.

Requirements are like so:

March 31, 2022
Using Hazelcast With CFML

Recently I’ve been experimenting with Hazelcast, trying to wrap my head around various uses cases and how I might take advantage of the technology in some of our projects. If you’re unfamiliar, Hazelcast provides a very high speed in-memory storage and processing system that can be connected to many different types of systems. It’s commonly used in things like fraud detection for credit card transactions, when a lot of data and calculations have to be processed as quickly as possible.

March 4, 2022
Why Do Some CFML Jobs Require Degrees?

Earlier today in the ColdFusion Programmers forum on Facebook somebody asked (I’m paraphrasing a little) why do some ColdFusion jobs require a Computer Science degree when they don’t teach CFML in college? I have 2 answers...

By Nolan Erck
February 2, 2022
ColdFusion Summit 2021 Notes: Tackling ColdFusion Security, Pete Freitag

We’re all impacted by security hacks. Even the smartest devs will have security vulnerabilities in their code. Sometimes as devs we try to chase the idea that we can have things that are perfect but there will always be bugs in code. Not likely that your code will never have security issues but you can’t ignore it. Probably a good time to take action on it if you’ve been ignoring it.

January 17, 2022
ColdFusion Summit 2021 Recap

Last month was the ColdFusion Summit 2021 Conference. Like many events lately this one was virtual (as opposed to the usual meetup in Vegas) but I'd say this was still worth attending for anyone near the CFML space.

October 12, 2021
Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2021

It's official -- I'm speaking at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2021!  It's been way too long, I'm looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces, even if it's just virtually. :) The CF Summit this year is virtual (stupid Covid) but looks to be a great event with some excellent speakers lined up!

August 26, 2021
Managers, You Need To Include Agendas In Your Meeting Invites

(I posted a smaller version of this on my LinkedIn profile yesterday, and thought I’d expand it a bit here.)

Managers, when you schedule a “surprise” meeting with an employee, and don't put an agenda in the calendar invite…I am here to tell you that the odds of that employee freaking out and wondering if they should start updating a resume is MUCH higher than you'd like to believe.

By Nolan Erck
May 28, 2021
Object Oriented Programming with CFML Video Series

Want to learn Object Oriented Programming with CFML? Are you still struggling with Components? No idea what they do or how to use them with confidence? Then you’re in luck! South of Shasta has partnered with Ortus Solutions and we’ve just released the “Object Oriented Programming Series” training videos on CFCasts.  This is a collection of 35 videos, designed for the CFML developer that is still struggling with how to use Components.  Each video is a bite-size bit of information about Object Oriented Programming using CFML.

November 16, 2020
Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2020

How's 2020 treating you? ;) I haven't been posting much on here of late, for all the same 2020-quarantine reasons that everyone else has. Everything is behind, and going sideways, and all the other crazy things that have been happening. Fortunately I've got a few bits of good news starting to come in that I can share. Like this one:

May 7, 2020
Speaking at Into The Box 2020

This week I'm speaking at Into The Box 2020, giving an updated version of my talk "Testing My Non-ColdBox Site With TestBox". If you were at CF Camp last year and saw my preso, this is similar content, but with several updates.