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CF.Objective Notes: Docker In Production, Geoff Bowers

(I didn’t take a ton of notes while Geoff was speaking, I was busy trying to focus on what he was saying.  Docker is one of those tools that hasn’t “clicked” completely for me yet.  I use it pretty regularly, but mostly via instruction from other people on my teams.  Mark Drew’s talk on Docker was great, as was Geoff’s other talk on Docker. Hopefully they present again at future conferences for others to learn from.)

Docker Registry
hooked to version control
pipeline to automate build images
somewhere to store Docker images
- somewhere to store, so when you’re ready to deploy, it can pull your image off the shelf and deploy it

lots of these available right now
lots of choices, makes it very hard to feel you’re making the RIGHT choice
b/c everything is standardized, hard to get vendor lock-in
easy to move from 1 vendor to another and move up and down that chain as you need to

docker hub - most common solution right now

Node Cluster
need something to manage the cluster of servers
to scale up/down the number of servers you have
auto deploys things
sounds expensive but if you think about it, most people have more than 1 server
even if you only have 2 servers, can have cluster management for 15 bucks/month now
used to be only for companies like NetFix or GitHub, now it’s available to everyone, much cheaper

Orchestration Tools —
find somewhere to put these containers
something needs to understand EVERYTHING about the containers/clusters
works out the scheduling — deployments, starting/stopping things, how containers route to each other, etc.
route to external things like a database, etc.

[PyeongChang 2018 demo]

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docker workbench - app for checking the status of your docker host