CFML Developer Wanted

January 06, 2023

We're looking for a CFML Developer to help with a new project. It should be pretty steady work for at least the next 3 months, possibly longer if all goes well. Requirements are like so:

Both part time and full time contract options are available, provided that you're accessible during our business day (offices are based in Sacramento CA and the UK). If you already have a full time job and plan on slipping out to the parking lot to take our phone calls, I'm sorry but this is not the job for you.

US or UK based developers only please. We have some time zone and communication issues that kind of force this at the moment.

Exceptional attention to detail and communication skills are super important, and this is not boilerplate text.  We do daily stand-ups, and the team is 100% remote. Our ability to communicate clearly among the team is critical.  We use Zoom, Slack, and Asana regularly.

A solid understanding of basic OOP principles is required. You must be familiar with Components, Inheritance, Composition, Dependency Injection, and Interfaces.

ColdBox experience is a must. We use ColdBox 6 along with several modules from the ForgeBox ecosystem, and will likely be adding others soon.

The dev environment is CommandBox + Docker + MySQL 8. You need to be comfortable with all 3.

Experience with Test Driven Development is a big plus. Ideally you're comfortable with TestBox and/or Cypress, and understand the value of TDD (or at least including tests semi-regularly with your PRs).

Alpine.js and/or Web Components experience is a huge plus.

Interested and qualified folks, please send a resume to nolan at southofshasta dot com.

Rate is $75 - 80/hr US.