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Changes at SacInteractive

Lots of new stuff happening at SacInteractive!

First, we have a new co-manager! Jon had to move for work and thus had to step down as co-manager.  We all wish him well with his future adventures.

Everyone please welcome Michael Starks to SacInteractive as the new co-manager.  Michael is a full stack developer at Bukwild, and is interested in all things development with specialization in web languages. He also has a background in app development and video game development with Unity.  We’re looking forward to working with Michael and his new ideas for the group!

On that note, this month we’ll be doing a few things at the meeting.

First, we’ll be doing a bit of planning for the future.  We’d love any ideas you have for future SacInteractive meetings. Got a topic you want to present? Please come tell us about it! Is there something you’d love to see as an attendee? Come tell us about that too! We’ll also be going over new ideas for promoting and growing the group — everyone is encouraged to participate and help in whatever way they can.

Second, to start off his involvement with the group, Michael will be giving a presentation on VueJS. We'll be talking about what VueJS is and why you would use it. We'll walk through how to set it up and go through some examples of how to implement it. Then we will look at some real world use cases and see where it actually shines.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday September 20
at Hacker Lab
17th and I, downtown Sacramento
FREE and open to everyone!