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Changes to the Mura Google News Sitemaps Plugin

Just a quick note about my Mura Google News Sitemaps plugin.  Per a client request, I’ve added an
“Excluded SubTypes” option to the Settings page.  Essentially this is a “short circuit” for the Exclude From News Sitemap field on the Content - Extended Attributes tab.  

The idea is, if you have an entire SubType of content (say “Author Pages”) that you do not want to be added to the News XML file, you can either manually go into each Author Page and manually click the “Exclude” option, or you can just go into the plugin and add “AuthorPages” to the “Excluded SubTypes” option and that will do the same thing. You can also specify a comma separated list of several SubTypes if need be -- e.g. "Authors,Editors,SecretPages".

Note: the Extended Attributes on the Author Pages do not get updated to match, so just keep that in mind when using this option: the UI may display “incorrect settings” for the excluded content’s “Extended Attributes” tab.  I may fix this in the future (my client didn’t need it) if this causes a problem for anyone.

Also, moving forward I’ll be removing the mura.extend.extendObject code and replacing it with MuraORM to store the plugin settings.  This means new revs of the plugin will be Mura 7 only. I’ve made a “v6” branch in GitHub that holds the original code. Use this if you’re still on Mura 6 and cannot upgrade for some reason.  FYI I won’t be pushing fixes or enhancements to this branch, it’s just there as a stop-gap for people that need it.