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ColdFusion Roadshow Recap

Wednesday was the ColdFusion Roadshow in San Francisco. Essentially this was 2 1-hour sessions by Elishia Dvorak and Rakshith Naresh about the current state of ColdFusion, and future plans. Much of the info was similar to what we’d been told at CF Summit and CF Camp last year, but there were some new details as well. (I’ll post my notes from both sessions shortly.)  Overall it looks like Adobe has some great ideas planned for the next 2 ColdFusion releases (tentatively scheduled for 2018 and 2020).  

Despite the continued “ColdFusion is dying” remarks that always fly around, things seem to be heading in the right directions, IMHO, with the new enhancements.  All of the new features I’ve seen from Adobe are things I’d use.  I’m hoping I can convince all of my customers to upgrade their CF licenses; that’s not something I say regularly.

There are also several improvements on the conference front happening these days that point toward CFML continuing to thrive.  Adobe is doing yet another Government Summit next week in DC.  NCDevCon is continuing to thrive.  CF.Objective is moving to DC this year (that’s TWO ColdFusion based conferences happening in DC this year).  MuraCon had their biggest attendance level yet.  And Into The Box a) is moving to Texas and b) is expanding into a 2-day format.

I’m a consultant for a living; I’m paid to solve problems, and sometimes to pick the right technology stack as well.  In such situations, I try to be as objective as possible; ColdFusion/CFML is still my first choice most of the time.

Looking forward to new things coming soon!

Notes from the sessions:

What's New in ColdFusion 2016, Elishia Dvorak

ColdFusion Roadshow Notes: Where is ColdFusion Headed?, Rakshith Naresh