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ColdFusion Summit Notes: API Economy - Realizing The Business Value of APIs Through Adobe API Management - Elishia Dvorak

How to Monetize your API?
Analytics, expose the metrics
Charge customers by the metrics that we get
Can do it by Access Control
— list of services, expose just the access that the customer needs

API Manager is NOT CF-based
not tied to CF, except that it DOES have an integration with CF for ease of use
built from the ground up
(can sell it as a license w/ CF or by itself?)

subscription packages

driving growth thru vendor products
different vendors available
might have your own suite of APIs
but everyone congregates around the marketplace

Partnership expansion
lots of revenue thru partners
if you have “something” and let others leverage that in THEIR solution, you may get new revenue streams that way

Why API Management?

API Mgr brings all the controls that you need
Access Control

Access Control —
Build Your Own
Multiple methods
- API key
- Oauth2
- Basic
Be a security expert
Ensure update schedule
manually manage edits

Choose method
- API key, Oauth2, Basic
 - can import Roles and assign things based on that data
Publish Your API
Global configuration settings
- easily updated
Managed software
- regular update schedule

Versioning and Lifecycle
need to figure out a process the entire team will use for managing the lifecycle and versions of the APIs
With a few APIs, not a huge deal
If you have 50+ APIs, etc, this can get trickier to do manually
Lots of growth in microservices

Analytics -
Having a managed analytics control lets you monetize that much more quickly vs /building your own solution

Swagger and RAML
Documentation frameworks for APIs
ways to document which methods are available inside your APIs

Really just for performance of the API
adding in manually?
if adding a caching layer…
“How am i going to cache this?”
in API manager - just click the “cached?” checkbox


Using dev cycles and team resources to build ports vs automatically built by the API Manager

Everything is difficult in a technical world, easy to get behind on technologies

Workflow of an API Mgr:

People / IoT / Partner / developers —> API Gateway —> CF Server / Intranet App Server / CloudNetwork, etc

API Gateway is an abstraction in front of the entire environment

You do NOT need CF 2016 in Production to use this. (I need to get more info on this.)
— can use any version of CF with a SOAP or REST based service (CF10 or 11, etc)