Get ColdFusion Certified in DC!

March 07, 2024

The Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2024 is happening April 23 and 24 in Washington DC.

Day 1 (Tuesday April 23) will be an all-day workshop for people looking to get certified in ColdFusion. This will be similar to the workshops we've run in the past at other conferences in that the day is spent with an instructor reviewing material from the curriculum and training videos. Students will have a chance to ask the instructor questions, to make sure they understand the content as well as possible.  And at the end of the day, students can take the test and become certified in Adobe ColdFusion!

I'll be part of the team running this certification workshop again -- it's essentially the same team of people that ran the workshops in Las Vegas last year at CF Summit. And without tooting my own horn, I must say that this is a really great group of developers, and everyone is really trying to push ColdFusion forward. There's no reason ColdFusion development can't be considered just as modern as any other language. It has all the same language constructs and features as other tech stacks; the only thing stopping CFML from being modern is the developers not learning how to write modern code.

So fix that, and come get certified in Adobe ColdFusion. :)

Day 2 (Wednesday April 24) will be two tracks of sessions on various aspects of modern web development.  You'll learn about web components, PDF manipulation, MVC, CI, and more!

Registration is still open and attending the conference can earn you 5.5 CPE credits as well.

See you in DC!