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Into The Box Notes: Accelerating CFML delivery with Cloud Foundry, Corby Page

(Much of this talk was watching live processes run on Corby’s machine, hence not many notes.)

Development Cycle:
requirements > code > build > deploy/operate > feedback > requirements…

when we talk to high perf software dev companies
the diff is not in the talent of the people
it’s how fast can they get around the dev cycle loop

high perf: set up for frictionless passing thru that cycle

don’t want to get in the way of the dev’s creating code and adding value.

Ortus: look at all the tasks that have to be done w/ every project: DI, MVC, etc.
that’s not where most dev’s create value: they create value by adding new functionality to their company app
when those tasks are automated, you can get thru the cycle quicker and create more value in your app.

don’t want to need to have discussions about IT operations, how to get things deployed, etc.

allow dev’s to do self-service provision without compromising the IT ops rules

when a customer approves something, want to get it into production quickly.

microservices -
when we break  our apps into smaller pieces, they can be tested and deployed independently of one another.

deploy as a “zero down time update” whenever possible.

Ortus has a “build pack” - take any commandbox app, deploy it and run it in the cloud foundry environment
can use this with heroku-buildpack-commandbox
that’s all you need to get started running your apps in the cloud.