Is South of Shasta an Adobe ColdFusion or CFML shop?

June 11, 2024

Is South of Shasta an Adobe ColdFusion shop or a CFML (Lucee / BoxLang) shop? I've been asked variations of this question several times recently, so I thought I'd share the answer here for anyone that's curious.

And the answer is: we are neither and both.

I've never advertised South of Shasta as exclusively using any one kind of technology, whether it's Adobe ColdFusion, or Lucee, or anything else. We try to be objective about each project, and pick the right tool(s) for the job.

Often times, yes, a CFML based stack is the right way to go. And depending on the needs of the client, we'll decide between Adobe ColdFusion or Lucee. But sometimes CFML isn't the right choice at all...

For example, the most recent project to come our way is using Python and Next.js -- no CFML anywhere! Why? Because this is an app for the meteorology industry, and the scientists writing the complex math formulas are most comfortable using Python.  Also, for security / architecture reasons, the client has asked us for a separate front-end system that's using tools that someone on their staff is already comfortable with -- which is Next.js.

We've also worked on apps that integrated with several Microsoft services -- and on those projects we went with C# to make that work easier.

On other projects we've used everything from Angular to Drupal back-ends, to Vue.js, PHP, and C++, among other choices. It really depends on the project and client, and whatever will make the most sense for the given situation.

So we're not 100% Team Adobe nor are we 100% Team Lucee or Ortus (though South of Shasta has worked quite a bit with both Adobe and Ortus, splitting several projects with each of them over the years and we quite collaborating with each of them). We pick the right tools for the job, and try to help out wherever we can. For us, it's really about trying to be objective, solve problems, and making a difference. :)

Need help with a project? Feel free to drop us a line!

Happy coding,