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My cf.Objective 2017 Schedule

Next week is cf.Objective 2017! Yes, they’re back to the original name, moved to D.C. and with more of a ColdFusion / CFML focus than the last couple of years.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the new take on the conference (and doing a bit of tourist stuff while I’m in DC).  Below is my best guess as to where you can find me at the conference.  Shameless plug: I’m giving 2 presentations this year on Dependency Injection and Best Practices (or lack thereof), come join us!


8:30AM - Keynote: The Human Side of Software, Marc Esher
9:45AM - SPEAKING: Dependency Injection, Why Is It Awesome and Why Should I Care?, Nolan Erck
11:00AM - Getting Started With Docker, Mark Drew
12:00PM - Lunch!
1:30PM - Docker In Development, Geoff Bowers
2:45PM - SPEAKING: CMD Office Hours: Get your hot consultancy here! Mark Drew & Nolan Erck
4:00PM - Debugging Applications - Write Your Own Debugging Template, Gert Franz


8:30AM - Adobe General Session
9:45AM - Automate Thyself, Luis Majano
11:00AM - Too many choices!
12:00PM - Lunch!
1:15PM - SPEAKING: Panel Discussion: Longevity In An Ever Changing Industry
2:30PM - Creating A Voice Interface To Your Back Office With ColdFusion and Amazon Alexa, Steve Drucker
3:45PM - SPEAKING: Best Practices Are Best, Except When They're Not, Nolan Erck

Choosing sessions was just as hard as always; there’s so much great content! Tickets are still available, and the price has been reduced from previous years. Join us in DC for 2 days of improving your skills!

Hope to see you there!