My CF Summit 2022 Schedule

September 23, 2022

Hotel confirmation is in hand, plane ticket has been booked, it’s official…I’m going to the Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas! Much like Into The Box earlier this month, the CF Summit is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay up on CFML development practices. And the agenda includes enough content for non-CFML developers, that I’d also encourage Engineering Managers and other techies to attend. (Really, this is true of most tech content — a lot of it is easily applicable to different environments.) Not registered yet? You can sign up at this link.

As usual, there are a ton of great sessions available this year, it’s tough to pick! Here’s my best guess as to where you can find me…


9:00 - Adobe Keynote
10:15 - SMS/Email/Voice Using Twilio with ColdFusion, Chase Cabrera
11:30 - From Monolith to SaaS: Discover the Way, Andy Powell
12:30 - Lunch!
1:30 - Taming The Top 25 Most Dangerous Software Weaknesses, Pete Freitag
2:45 - OAuth2 for me and you OR Alpine.js : Declare and React with Simplicity
4:00 - Future of ColdFusion
5:30 - Party!


9:00 - Keynote w/ Joel Cohen
10:15 - Modernizing through evolution not revolution, Guust Nieuwenhuis
11:30 - Mining Electronic Documents for Fun and Profit (and other business critical needs), Raymond Camden
12:30 - Lunch!
1:30 - The 7 Mistakes Developers Make Starting Their First Business (and how to avoid them), Emma Fletcher
2:45 - (Too many choices! This might have to be a game time decision.)
4:00 - Serverless Beyond Simple: Creating Complex Cloud Workflows with CFML at the Center, Brian Klaas
5:15 - Wrap-Up

Wednesday is the ColdFusion Certification Workshop. This is an updated version of the certification program that I put together with Adobe before the pandemic. All of the content that South of Shasta provided is there, plus tons of updates, making it a very well rounded and quality program if I do say so myself. The first version we released was a bit too easy (seriously). This updated version includes a lot of changes, and really helps to be an overall test of modern CFML knowledge. For example, folks that have been writing CFML code the same way for 20 years, and stay away from CFCs will have a challenging time passing the test. And that’s a very good thing. We want the certification to have value, and mean something.

There are still spaces available in the Certification Workshop if you’d like to sign up. I might be teaching one of the workshops, but we’re still sorting out the logistics so don’t hold me to that. Brian Sapey is for sure teaching, and he’s fantastic.

See you in Vegas!