My ColdFusion Summit 2019 Schedule

September 25, 2019

Next week is the ColdFusion Summit 2019. As always it’s being held in Las Vegas. New this year is the location (The Mirage) and the previously mentioned new ColdFusion Certification Training! And of course a ton of new sessions from a variety of speakers. Way too much variety. Seriously, picking what sessions to attend took more brainpower than I was prepared for. But here’s my best guess on where you can find me next week:


I’ll be running one of the Adobe ColdFusion Specialist workshops. Want to get certified in Adobe ColdFusion 2018? Sign up!


9:00 - Adobe ColdFusion Keynote
10:30 - ColdFusion and Vue - building CFML-powered reactive applications
11:00 - Refreshment Break
11:45 - ColdFusion for the next decade OR Prepare for "Super Bowl" Traffic
12:45 - Lunch
1:45 - Start `Integrated` Testing - The biggest and easiest ( testing ) bang for your buck OR The business case for upgrading ColdFusion in 5 easy steps
3:00 - Making Modules — Utilizing Reusable Code through ColdBox Modules
4:00 - Refreshment Break
4:15 - Testing - How Vital and How Easy to use
5:30 - Party!


9:00 - Humor That Works: The Secret to Being More Productive, Less Stressed, and Happier
10:15 - GET /cfml - A Guide to Writing API Wrappers
11:15 - Refreshment Break
11:30 - SQL, I learned enough to break everything OR Beyond "Read All": Build Fine-Grained Control of Amazon Web Services in Your ColdFusion App
12:30 - Lunch
1:30 - Angular for ColdFusion Developers OR Meet Solr, ColdFusion's Search BFF
2:45 - Caching and Performance in ColdFusion
3:45 - Refreshment Break
4:00 - Please pass the salt: Serve up passwords with a side of entropy
5:00 - Closing Keynote

Tickets are still available if you’re interested in attending.  For with widest variety of ColdFusion content, this is probably the best conference going right now, IMHO.

See you in Vegas,