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My Into The Box 2019 Schedule

Into The Box 2019 is this week! It’s pretty much THE conference for cutting edge CFML development, as you’ve heard me say repeatedly by now. :) Do you write CFML as part of your job? Still think it’s a “dead language”? This is the conference that easily proves that rumor incorrect.  I’ll be giving 2 presentations — one on “CommandBox vs Node”, and due to a last minute schedule change I’m now also presenting “Real World Scenarios for Modern CFML”. This will be an updated version of the talk I gave at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas in 2018.

As is often the case, there’s a ton of great content, and many pre-conference workshops to chose from at Into The Box. Here’s where you’ll probably be able to find me.

Wednesday: Hands on CFML Security Workshop


08:50 AM - 09:50 AM: Ortus Keynote
10:00 AM - 10:50 AM: (I honestly can’t decide, both talks sound brilliant. Having to pick is kind of making me cry.)
11:00 AM - 11:50 AM: ColdBox APIs + VueJS - powering Mobile, Desktop and Web Apps with 1 VueJS codebase, Gavin Pickin
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM: Lunch!
01:00 PM - 01:50 PM: CBStreams : Accelerate your Functional Programming with the power of Java Streams, Luis Majano
02:00 PM - 02:50 PM: CacheBox + LogBox 101, Brad Wood
02:50 PM - 03:10 PM: Siesta
03:10 PM - 04:00 PM: RuleBox : The natural rule engine for CFML, Luis Majano
04:10 PM - 05:00 PM: The many facets of CommandBox, Dan Card
05:10 PM - 06:00 PM: SPEAKING! CommandBox vs Node.js, Nolan Erck
06:00 PM - 06:50 PM: Happy Box Event + Raffles


08:30 AM - 09:20 AM: Ortus Keynote
09:30 AM - 10:20 AM: Come cover your *** with some TestBox Coverage!, Brad Wood
10:30 AM - 11:20 AM: Try This At Home: Building a Personal Docker Swarm, Matthew Clemente
11:30 AM - 12:20 PM: SPEAKING: Real World Scenarios for Modern CFML, Nolan Erck
12:30 PM - 01:30 PM: Lunch!
01:30 PM - 02:20 PM: Migrate yourself with cfMigrations, Eric Peterson
02:30 PM - 03:20 PM: Easy ElasticSearch with cbElasticSearch, Jon Clausen
03:30 PM - 03:50 PM: Siesta / Nap - I’m not really sure what the plan is here. :)
03:50 PM - 04:40 PM: Lessons Learned from 250+ Legacy Apps, Jorge Reyes
04:50 PM - 05:40 PM: Faster DB Development with QB, Andrew Davis
05:40 PM - 06:00 PM: Raffle

I know sometimes it can be difficult to try and justify the cost of going to a conference, the travel, the hotel.  Each year I attend a handful of conferences. Sometimes I’m a speaker which helps keep the costs down (but my workload goes up, having to write the presentations). Any time I’ve had to shell out money for a conference, I’ve never regretted it. Find a conference with content that sounds interesting and lear a few things. Get out of your comfort zone: be it by learning some new techniques, or speaking to people at the mixers that you’ve only followed on Twitter.

The CFML community is full of genuinely nice people, and the Ortus Solutions team are some of the best around. Want to get charged up about ColdFusion again? Want to be excited about your technology stack and learn that CFML is filled with just as many features as that Node/JavaScript stuff?  You can do that at Into The Box. Seriously.

Tickets are still available at the website. Do yourself a favor: make THIS the CFML conference you attend.

Hope to see you there!