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My Into The Box 2023 Schedule

Into The Box 2023 starts tomorrow! After a flight that included several delay, I finally arrived at the hotel a few minutes ago. As per usual, there is a ton of great content this year; deciding which sessions to attend is like the techie equivalent of Sophie’s Choice! Here’s my best guess as to where you can find me:

Wednesday: Async Programming & Scheduling workshop


9:00 — Keynote

10:00 — Avoiding the most dangerous software weaknesses, Pete Freitag

11:00 — CommandBox Multi-Site, Brad Wood

12:00 — Lunch!

1:00 — Create as many web sites or web apps as you want, George Murphy

2:00 — Faster Apps That Won’t Get Crushed With Queues and Pub/Sub Mechanisms, Brian Klaas

3:00 — When Your Applications Work As a Team: The Microservice Approach, Nathaniel Francis

3:50 — Coffee Break!

4:10 — SPEAKING: Real World ColdBox App Architecture, Nolan Erck

5:10 — QB + Migrations + Seeders : A recipe for success!, Gavin Pickin

6:000 — Happy Box!


9:00 — Keynote

10:00 — What’s New With ColdBox 7, Luis Majano

11:00 — cbq - Jobs and Tasks in the Background, Eric Peterson

12:00 — Lunch!

1:00 — 10 Techniques for writing easy yet stupidly thorough unit tests, Dan Card

2:00 — Practical AI with OpenAI, Grant Copley

2:50 — Coffee Break!

3:10 — SPEAKING: Crash Course in CSS Grid + FlexBox, Nolan Erck

4:10 — cbElasticSearch : Modern Searching for Modern CFML, Jon Clausen

5:00 — Closing Remarks

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference!