My Into The Box 2024 Schedule

May 14, 2024

Into The Box 2024 is happening later this week! I'll be attending, speaking, learning a ton, and looking forward to seeing lots of friends!  As always, there are a ton of great sessions and it's really tough to pick which ones to attend. Here's my best guess as to where you'll be able to find me:

Thursday --

9:00 - Keynote
10:15 - Principles and Techniques to Write More Durable Code (Jacob Beers) OR Build a Complex Web Form with RuleBox and TestBox (Annette Liskey)
11:20 - Headless Content For The Win! (Luis Majano, Esme Acevedo)
12:15 - Taming the Data Sprawl: Strategies for Managing and Controlling Data Proliferation (Curt Gratz)
1:00 - Lunch!
2:05 - cbq — Jobs and Tasks in the Background (Eric Peterson)
3:00 - What’s new in ContentBox 6 (Jon Clausen, Luis Majano)
3:45 - Coffee break!
4:30 - SPEAKING! How To Make a Living as a (ColdFusion) Freelancer? (Nolan Erck)
5:25 - ColdBox Debugger v4.2.0: Unveiling Advanced Debugging Techniques for ColdBox Applications (Scott Steinbeck)

Friday --

9:00 - Keynote
10:15 - Design System: The basis for a consistent design (Jona Lainez, Esme Acevedo)
11:20 - Schrödinger’s Backup: Is Your Backup Really a Backup? (Shawn Oden)
12:25 - Passkeys and cbSecurity (Eric Peterson)
1:10 - Lunch!
2:15 - Migrate your Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud (George Murphy) OR How to Break Your App With Playwright Tests (Noah Assi)
3:10 - Disk to Cloud: Abstract your File Operations with CBFS (Jon Clausen) OR Web accessibility for all (Felicia Sephodi)
4:10 - Revolutionizing Task Scheduling in ColdBox (Giancarlo Gomez)

Tickets are still available! And if travel is an issue, there is a virtual access ticket available as well.

Hope to see you there!