My WordCamp 2019 Sacramento Schedule

September 19, 2019

This weekend I’ll be at WordCamp Sacramento 2019.

“Hey Nolan, I didn’t know you’re a WordPress developer?!”.

While we’ve done some WordPress and PHP apps for clients over the years, that’s not really the reason I’ll be at this conference. Take a look at their schedule: 3 tracks, only one of which is WordPress specific. Nearly everything else is pretty general, modern web development. Plus it’s over a weekend so no time off work, and tickets were a mere 40 bucks. Also, it’s local — no hotels, no flights.

Really, if there’s a tech conference local to you, I think attending is pretty much a no-brainer, even if the name of the event doesn’t 100% line up with your current technology stack of choice.

You can probably find me in these sessions:

Saturday —

8:30 - Opening Remarks
9:00 - Building Websites Using React.js And The WordPress API
9:50 - Meet Google Site Kit
10:40 - How To Make Your Blog Attractive To Brands And Media Professionals
11:30 - Speed Networking
12:10 - Lunch
1:40 - The REST Is Up To Vue
2:30 - Getting Into Position Zero: How To Leverage Content To Rise Above The Competition
3:20 - OOP + Design Patterns = Happy Developer
4:10 - Drip, Drip, Drip to Convert Website Leads to Sales OR Introduction To The WordPress HTTP API
5:00 - Networking Reception

Sunday —
10:45 - Opening Remarks
11:00 - Checking Under The Hood: Auditing Your Website For A Smooth Ride
11:50 - The Power Of Recurring Income
12:40 - Death Star Security: A Live Look At How Sites Are Hacked
1:30 - Making Your Website Work For Everyone: Inclusive Design For Business Owners
2:10 - Afternoon Break
2:30 - Empower Your Storytelling With Gutenberg: How to use blocks to boost your communication OR WordPress And Social Media Go Together Like R2-D2 and C-3PO
3:20 - Increasing Sales For Your Freelance Business In 15 Minutes Per Day
4:15 - Closing Remarks

Yes, a couple of my selections have “WordPress” in the title. I’d argue that even the talks that appear to be  WordPress specific have some value that can be extrapolated to other platforms, which is what I plan on doing.

There are still some tickets available if you’d like to join me.