New Legacy to MVC CFML Training Course Available

January 04, 2019

In 2017 at the ColdFusion Summit, Carl Von Stetten and I ran a workshop for people looking to convert their legacy CFML applications into a modern MVC framework.  That particular workshop focused on moving from legacy CFML into Framework-1.  South of Shasta now has a variation of that workshop with 2 options: moving to either Framework-1 or ColdBox!

If you're still stuck with a legacy CFML app, can't make it to a conference, or need a bit more direct interaction with the instructor, this class will be a great fit. Rather than being 1 of several dozen students, this class is geared more for between 1 and 10 students.  So there's much more opportunity for asking questions, looking at examples specific to your code and so on.

Details are available on the training page.  If you have any more questions or need additional info, feel free to contact us.