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Not Speaking at CFCamp 2017

This really bums me out to post.  Due to various flight and travel issues making it very unsafe, I had to cancel my trip to Germany and I won’t be speaking at CFCamp this year. :( I’ve spoken at over 30 conferences and this is the first one I’ve had to cancel.

Without getting into details (that I’ve already had to share with folks several times, and am kind of drained) the short of it is, the plane was delayed, which caused a domino effect of other travel issues.  Despite spending most of Sunday at the San Francisco airport trying to correct things, I wasn’t able to change my itinerary in a way that made sense and was also safe.  So at the 11th hour I had to cancel.

I’m really bummed to be missing everyone at Munich this year.  I’m beyond excited that CFCamp is sold out and was looking forward to celebrating with everyone! 

The slides for my talk on "Git Source Control For The Rest Of Us" will be updated and posted on line soon.  So folks that were going to attend the session can at least follow along with that part. (My talk on Application.cfc was pulled from the session list to make room for another speaker.)

Looking forward to seeing everyone next year at CFCamp 2018.  I hope you all have a blast this year.  Tell everyone hi for me.