Object Oriented Programming with CFML Video Series

May 28, 2021

Want to learn Object Oriented Programming with CFML? Are you still struggling with Components? No idea what they do or how to use them with confidence? Then you’re in luck! South of Shasta has partnered with Ortus Solutions and we’ve just released the “Object Oriented Programming Series” training videos on CFCasts.  This is a collection of 35 videos, designed for the CFML developer that is still struggling with how to use Components.  Each video is a bite-size bit of information about Object Oriented Programming using CFML.

The series starts at the very beginning, discussing basics of a CFComponents and how to create them -- then we slowly add other fundamental OOP concepts along the way. You’ll learn core Object Oriented principles like Inheritance, Composition, Interfaces, and Abstract Components. You’ll also learn several best practices for designing components including when to mark data as “public” or “private”, how to encapsulate functionality, how to use Constructors, implicit accessors and more.

We’ll also discuss Design Patterns and how to start using them in your applications. Have you been scared when hearing other developers discuss things like Object Factories, Dependency Injection, Singletons, Transients, or Decorators? This video series provides examples of each of these, in compact videos that are easy to digest.

As an added bonus, much of the content in these videos also translates to other languages. So you'll learn how to do OOP in CFML, and you'll also learn how those concepts work across  languages like Java and C++.

One of my biggest pet peeves about training materials is when they display nothing but the word “hello” or “test” on the screen. That’s just too far removed from reality for those examples to be of much use for me. This video series doesn’t do any of that! Each code example will build something that is at least a tad more “real world” in nature, but not so overblown that it’s hard to follow.  And if any of you have attended my training classes before, you know this means lots of pop culture references, and code that does things like, displaying your favorite books and movies on the screen. This series is no different. :)

The CFML OOP Programming Series has started going live on CFCasts and more videos are being added regularly over the next few weeks. You can sign up now and start watching the videos — when they new videos are unlocked they’ll automatically be made available to you!

Thanks to Ortus Solutions for trusting me with putting this series together — I’m looking forward to whatever projects we may do in the future.

Happy coding. :)