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SacInteractive - 10 Tips to Save Development Time

This Wednesday at SacInteractive we have “10 Tips to Save Development Time”.

Dave Jones was scheduled to give this talk earlier but there was a storm and we lost electricity for the night. Dave was kind enough to reschedule and is giving the talk this coming Wednesday night.  Details are below; as always it’s FREE and open to everyone.  

In other news, Adobe has started sponsoring SacInteractive again! They’ve sent us some goodies to give away to attendees. We have some great raffle prizes and other surprises in the works too. :)

See you Wednesday,
Nolan and Jon / SacInteractive

Wednesday March 15
at Hacker Lab
17th and I, downtown Sacramento
FREE and open to everyone!


Join us this month as Dave Jones shows us 10 ways you can Turbo Charge your software development process. The tips we will cover in this talk will make you a more efficient coder, reducing the time spent on the repetitive, mundane things you do every day while writing code. We'll look at things like: how to master your IDE, writing code with fewer key strokes, making the command line your friend, and how to maintain focus. This talk is applicable to any platform and language and most of the common IDEs and editors. You'll leave with tips you can start using right away no matter what type of software you are working on. Don't miss it!