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SacInteractive is Back!

Our SacInteractive user group is back! Technically it never went away. But we had a bad run of logistical problems (several speakers dropped off at the last minute, both my co-manager and I had health issues that delayed things too).  Last night we had a long meeting, set up a gameplan, and I’m proud to say we have several great presentations in store for 2018!

This month (Feb 21) I’ll be speaking on “Font Awesome - Never Build Icons Again”, giving an early version of the same talk that I’m presenting at JazzCon.Tech later this year.

The meeting is Feb 21 at 6:30. As always, we’re meeting at HackerLab in downtown Sacramento, it’s FREE and open to everyone.

Hope to see you there!

-Nolan and Michael / SacInteractive. :)

Tired of having to make "delete", "edit", "new", "save", "confirm", and "purchase" icons for your clients? In 3 different sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile)? And new versions for each color scheme you use? Enter Font Awesome! Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons, that are totally customizable, all by just including a CSS file in your project. It's free, compatible with current devices and browsers, easy to use and customize to your liking. Font Awesome is compatible with Bootstrap, various other frameworks, screen readers, retina displays and cuts down the time you spend doing "boilerplate" work in PhotoShop for every project!

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