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SacInteractive -- Minecraft Plugins and Java Basics

This month at SacInteractive we have a "father and son duo" teaching us about building Minecraft Plugins and some basic Java programming at the same time. :)

Caleb and Jim Brock will walk you from installing the Java JDK and Eclipse thru creating your first Minecraft Plugin. No prior Java experience is required (but some programming in other languages may be helpful).  We'll cover downloading and configuring Eclipse and then start writing a simple Minecraft Plugin from scratch.  If you've never written a plugin for Minecraft (or any game) before, this is the place to start!  If you've always wanted to learn Java but haven't looked at it yet, this is the place to start for that too!

Topic: Minecraft Plugins and Java Basics: Learning the basics of coding and using APIs with Java to build Minecraft Plugins
Speaker: Caleb and Jim Brock
When: Wednesday September 16th, 6:30pm
Where: Hacker Lab (1715 I Street, Sacramento CA)

Please RSVP for the meeting if you plan to attend:

See you there!