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Speaking at Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit

This Wednesday (April 19) I’ll be speaking at the Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit in Washington DC. I’m not actually giving a ColdFusion specific talk, but rather I’ll be presenting “Crash Course in jQuery”.

Adobe asked me to put together a presentation for folks that are still using “plain JavaScript” and haven’t yet been able to check out jQuery. Perhaps you’ve been stuck maintaining an older legacy app? Or got scared off by a bad explanation of jQuery someone gave you? Whatever the reason is, attendees of this talk will come away with a better understanding of how to start using jQuery.

Main takeaways include:

A quick primer on CSS selectors
A quick primer on anonymous functions
How to install and start using jQuery
Event handling and chaining
Using Ajax
Installing plug-ins
Integrating jQuery and ColdFusion
Pros and cons
Other references

The Adobe ColdFusion Government Summit is FREE, you just need to register. There are two tracks of great ColdFusion related content plenty of opportunities to learn, network with other developers, and improve your skill set.  Hope to see you there!