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Speaking at CF Camp 2018

Freshly back from ColdFusion Summit, and it’s already almost time to leave for the next conference. In a few weeks I take off for Munich to speak at CF Camp 2018!

CF Camp is literally -the- conference for CFML in Europe. But rather than taking it easy because there is no nearby competition, CF Camp has grown year after year.  In fact, this year they’re moving to a new venue to accommodate yet another upgrade! (This being the second time the conference has outgrown its space in just 3 or 4 years.)

This year I’ll be giving 2 presos at CF Camp:

First, I’m updating my talk “Dependency Injection: Why Is It Awesome and Why Should I Care?” for 2018.  If you’ve seen this talk before, it usually includes no code samples and just focuses on the concepts of dependency injection and some related items (aspect oriented programming, inversion of control, etc).  That’s all staying the same, but we’ll also include a few small code samples at the end to show D/I in use within an application.  The majority of the talk will still be the concepts, with just a few small code demos at the end.

Last year at CF Summit I gave a talk on Angular + CFML, and then an updated version of was presented at JazzCon.Tech.  We’re updating this talk yet again and giving a new version at CF Camp.  Never used Angular before?  Are command-line tools like “npm install” still confusing to you? Then you’re in the right place; this talk will start at the very beginning and show you how to start using Angular in your projects. Then we’ll go over various ways you can connect Angular and CFML together.  It doesn't matter what kind of CFML you write -- a full blown REST API, some CFComponents, some old CFInclude based code -- we'll have examples of how to connect all of them to an Angular front-end.

Tickets to CF Camp are still available and the session looks great! As always, CF Camp has outdone itself with swag for attendees and other perks. I’ve never regretted making the trip to Europe for this conference. Well, once, when my ill-fated trip was routed thru Istanbul, but that’s a story for another time. :)

See you in Munich!