Speaking at CF Camp 2019

July 29, 2019

The sessions have been announced, I’m officially allowed to talk about it now: I’ll be speaking at CF Camp 2019 in Munich Germany later this year!

This is the tenth CF Camp and the plan is to make this the best CF Camp yet, and celebrating the 10th anniversary. Based on the session list, I think they’ve succeeded!  My biggest challenge will be figuring out which sessions to attend — there are a bunch of excellent speakers and topics to pick from!

I’ll be giving a talk titled “Testing My Non-ColdBox Site With TestBox” — this is an updated version of a talk I gave for the Ortus Developer Week a couple of years ago. We’ll cover a bit of how to test various types of non-ColdBox CFML apps.  The more OOP experience you have the better, but the talk will also include info on how test apps written with things like CFincludes and just plain CFFunctions that aren’t party of a CFComponent.

Tickets are on sale now at the CF Camp website; I highly recommend attending CF Camp if you can make it! This conference has grown year after year and with this being the tenth anniversary, it’s sure to be a great conference.

See you in Germany,