Speaking at CF Camp 2023

June 17, 2023

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Munich, recovering from jet lag. That can only mean one thing: CF Camp is back, and I was picked as one of the speakers. :)

After taking a couple years off because of the Covid mess, CF Camp is finally back! It's at the same hotel as before, the Marriott Hotel Munich Airport in Freising. Over the several years that I've attended CF Camp it has changed venues a couple of times; this hotel is my favorite of them. Glad to see we're back in the same location for 2023!

I'll be giving the latest version of my talk "Web Components in Your CFML Application". There are a couple of small updates to the slide deck that will be new for the CF Camp version.

The CF Camp team asked if I'd also give a talk on why testing is important. Of course I said yes! So I've got a brand new talk titled "Why Testing Is Important and Where Do I Start?" happening on Thursday at the conference.

Tickets to the conference are still available! If you're in Europe and doing any sort of CFML development, this really is a great event to attend.  Hope to see you there!