Speaking at CF Summit East 2023!

March 17, 2023

Conference season is here again!  And I'll be kicking it off by speaking at Adobe ColdFusion Summit East 2023 in Washington DC!

This is a 1-day conference tailored for folks using Adobe ColdFusion and related technologies. It features 2 tracks of 1-hour sessions on topics ranging from security best practices to building APIs to Amazon Web Services to JavaScript libraries. Additionally, there is  a workshop for the Adobe Certified Professional: ColdFusion certification program -- attendees can get certified in ColdFusion! (FYI, tho I helped Adobe with the training materials for the certification, I am not running this workshop. I assume it's Brian Sappey but that is just a guess...Brian is fantastic so hopefully it's him.)

I'll be giving a presentation on using Web Components with ColdFusion applications. Web Components are a great middle ground between older legacy JavaScript, and full-blown frameworks like Angular or Vue. Web Components are also compatible with all the latest frameworks, so any work done with them will drop into your new Angular (or Vue, or React, etc) projects without needing to be rewritten.  

Registration for the ColdFusion Summit East is open now. Given that it's a 1-day event, this should be a no-brainer for folks on the east coast. Train rides are cheap. :)

See you there!