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Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2017

The ColdFusion Summit is almost here!  This year I’m teaming up with Carl Von Stetten to teach the “Migrating Legacy Applications Into an MVC Framework” workshop.  This is part of the pre-conference all-day sessions that happen on Wednesday November 15.  Carl and I are building an all-day class to help bring legacy CFML applications into the 21st century.  Are you still stuck writing CFincludes? Been scared to try an MVC framework? Don’t have much experience with OOP but know you need to get started ASAP? This is the workshop for you.

Both Carl and I have given talks at various conferences about how to start using MVC tools such as Framework-1, but those were all 50 minute lectures.  This is an all-day hands on workshop where we’ll go thru all the steps together and in much more detail than we’d have time to in a typical 1-hour session. This is a hands-on “Bring Your Own Laptop” workshop. Everyone attending will gain experience using CommandBox, GitHub, Framework-1, DI/1, and will leave knowing enough to start building CFML apps with a more modern approach.

Then on Thursday Nov 16 I’ll be giving my talk “Connecting AngularJS and ColdFusion” at the “regular” portion of CF Summit.   This talk will start with a quick (very quick!) crash-course in how things are set up in an AngularJS application.  Then we’ll cover an equally quick intro to building a JSON API with ColdFusion.  And finally we’ll connect the 2 of them together into a real working AngularJS + CFML web app.

Tickets are going quick, register for your spot at the conference before it’s sold out. Hope to see you there!