Speaking at ColdFusion Summit 2020

November 16, 2020

Hi all,

How's 2020 treating you? ;) I haven't been posting much on here of late, for all the same 2020-quarantine reasons that everyone else has. Everything is behind, and going sideways, and all the other crazy things that have been happening. Fortunately I've got a few bits of good news starting to come in that I can share. Like this one:

I'm speaking at the ColdFusion Summit on a panel titled "ColdFusion Application Modernization Challenges". We'll be talking about various issues that come up when trying to move a legacy ColdFusion application into the modern era with tools like containerization, frameworks, and a few things in between. Joining me on the panel are Charlie Arehart, Kishore Balakrishnan, David Byers, Brian Klaas, and Gavin Pickin. It should be a great discussion for anyone dealing with older ColdFusion projects that's looking to modernize things.

Also, this year, the summit is FREE! All the typical "I can't afford it" concerns are gone. All you need to do is register here.

There are some great sessions this year. Here's where I'm hoping to spend my time:


7:30 - Keynote
8:30 - Building Serverless ColdFusion Applications with cflambda, Brian Klaas
9:40 - CFCrimes: Top Ten Issues Migrating to a Modern CF Stack, Mark Takata
10:40 - too many choices!
11:40 - How to modernize your application with APIs, Dan Wilson
12:40 - too many choices! so many rad sessions!
1:40 - SPEAKING: ColdFusion Application Modernization Challenges


7:30 - CSS Crash Course for CSS Haters or Novices, Jessica Keener
8:30 - Building Document Approval Workflows with ColdFusion and Adobe Sign API, Mike Collins
9:30 - Fostering the DevOps Culture FTW
10:30 - ColdFusion + ReactJS (Round 2): Taking front-end interactivity further, Minh Vo
11:30 - Get your Front End Rolling with Vue and InertiaJS, Eric Peterson
12:30 - Panel Discussion: Future of Adobe ColdFusion

Hope to (virtually) see you there!