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Speaking at Into The Box 2018

It’s official, I’m speaking at Into The Box 2018!  This year I’ll be giving a new (for me) talk titled “Connecting Vue.js and CFML with ColdBox”.

If you were at my Angular JS + CFML talk at ColdFusion Summit, this one will follow a similar pattern.  We’ll start with some “hello world” Vue.js concepts, then add ColdBox into the mix for our server-side data, and show how to connect the two together.  And we’ll combine everything together into a real world web app build with Vue.js + ColdBox.

Developers that are new or nearly new to Vue.js are the perfect attendees; no prior Vue.js knowledge is required.  I’ll make a few assumptions about basic ColdBox knowledge, but we’ll cover the pieces we’re using for the API in an introductory way so even if you’re not a senior ColdBox developer, you should still be able to get a lot of value from the talk.

Brief reminder: this is NOT a ColdBox-specific conference! Most of the sessions are about general web development, and many of the other Ortus products (most of which do not require ColdBox anywhere in your stack).  Even the talks that are geared toward ColdBox development, usually a large amount of the best practices discussed and other content can easily be used across other platforms.  

Last year’s Into The Box was by far the best CFML/ColdFusion conference I’d attended in ages — the 2018 session list looks to continue with that tradition.  There’s lot of content on best practices, Docker, testing, updating legacy applications, project planning and more.

Tickets are going quick! You can register for Into The Box 2018 here.

See you in Texas!