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Speaking at Into The Box 2019

Fresh off the heels of the Adobe ColdFusion Summit East, and it’s already time to get ready for another conference!  At the beginning of I’ll be speaking at Into The Box 2019 in Houston TX!

Have you been to Into The Box before? If you’re interested in writing truly modern CFML, this conference is a “must attend” event.  There isn’t really a bad CFML conference, they all have their valuable content, but Into The Box pushes the content to the cutting edge the most.  There is still the stigma around CFML that it’s a dead language and the tools are out of date. First, that’s not true. But each of us can only do so much by ourselves. The best way to get people charged up and excited about writing CFML in 2019 is to have them attend Into The Box!

Okay enough marketing speak. Just look at the session list. Want to do more cloud based development? There are multiple talks on using CFML with Amazon Web Services. Interested in the latest JavaScript frameworks? There’s a talk on using Vue.JS with a ColdFusion powered API.

You’ve probably heard of Node, yes? Node has become ubiquitous with JavaScript web development. CommandBox should have the very same level of significance for the CFML stack. Not only can you attend my talk (shameless plug) “CommandBox vs Node.JS” but there are several other sessions for getting you ramped on on all things CommandBox.

There are even non-technical sessions covering useful topics like mental health, learning from failures, and more! And of course by “more” I mean the obligatory mariachi band and raffle prizes. :)

Seriously, ColdFusion is not dead, Node is not the only CLI game in town, and you -can- build modern web applications with a ColdFusion based tech stack. The best place to start learning these things and get excited again about CFML development is at Into The Box.

Do we still need to tell people that this is -not- a ColdBox specific conference? Has everyone figured out that most of the Ortus Solutions products are stand-alone and will work with any CFML codebase? Well just in case, this is NOT a ColdBox-only conference! Well over half the content has nothing to do with ColdBox. Yes there are some sessions covering that (and why not, it’s a great framework) but any CFML developer would get more than their money’s worth at this event. Trust me.

There are still tickets available at the conference website. Hope to see you there!