Speaking at Into The Box 2023

May 13, 2023

It's official...next week I'll be speaking at Into The Box in Houston!

If you're not already familiar with it, Into The Box is the most modern leaning conference for CFML! But really the CFML-specific portion is complimented by a heavy dose of content that is applicable to many other platforms. A quick look at the agenda will show you sessions ranging from web security, to AWS pub/sub mechanisms, to OAuth and more!

To call Into The Box "just a CFML conference" would be wildly incorrect. And to call it "just a ColdBox conference" would be even more wrong. This really is a great 2-day event (with an extra day of pre-conference workshops) that's got a ton of value for pretty much any web developer looking to keep up on the latest technology.

Shameless plug: I'll be giving 2 talks this year. First, I've written a brand new preso titled "Real World ColdBox Architecture". This is a walk-thru of the SaaS platform my team has been building for the last year. We're using ColdBox and several modules from the ForgeBox ecosystem to power the application. Rather than hearing the Ortus guys talk about their own projects, now you can hear someone from a "neutral third party" talk about how the Box ecosystem is a great platform for modern software development. Okay so no I'm not 100% neutral...South of Shasta and Ortus have split several projects over the years. The Ortus folks are all great people, and I'm fortunate to consider many of them friends. But I'm not employed by Ortus, nor did they have any say or influence on picking the stack for this project. They also didn't have any say in the content of my presentation. Fair enough, yes?

I'm also giving a talk titled "Crash Course in CSS Grid and FlexBox". If you're unaware, these are techniques you can use in CSS to build out various grid layouts in your websites, without needing to use an external library like Bootstrap or Tailwind to get there. It's all baked into modern web browsers by default! We'll do a walk-thru of how to start using CSS Grid and FlexBox (the 2 tools overlap a lot) and give you some new techniques for styling a website...ANY website, not just those made with CFML!

Registration is still open and there are some discounts floating around for students as well.

Hope to see you there!