Speaking at Into The Box 2024

May 13, 2024

In 2 days I jump on a plane and head to DC (again) to speak at Into The Box 2024!  Yes, Into The Box is produced by Ortus Solutions.  And yes they are the ones that make ColdBox. But is Into The Box a "ColdBox only" conference? Heck no -- it's a conference for anyone writing modern code with CFML!

A quick skim of the agenda shows me there are 28 sessions across the 2 days.  If I go thru the descriptions of each talk, there are roughly 16 talks that do not appear to list ColdBox as a requirement. I'm making a few assumptions about the session descriptions, but that's still about half of the conference (at a minimum) that has nothing to do with ColdBox. Several sessions aren't even CFML specific -- you'd gain value from attending no matter what stack you use, including my session.

This year I'll be giving an updated version of my talk "How To Make a Living as a (ColdFusion) Freelancer" in which you'll learn how I started South of Shasta. I'll cover various lessons learned along the way that you can use to further your own entrepreneur career, and lots more.  None of the content in my talk is CF or ColdBox specific -- the info is for anyone looking to go the consultant route.

Tickets are still available! And if travel is an issue, there is a virtual access ticket available as well.

Hope to see you there!