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Speaking at Michigan CFUG -- Crash Course in AngularJS and Ionic

I'm giving a talk tonight for the Michigan CFUG called "Crash Course In AngularJS and Ionic". The description is below, it's FREE and open to anyone that wants to log in and watch. I believe we're starting at 4pm west-coast time. All you have to do is click here and sign in.


Crash Course in Ionic + AngularJS

Ionic is a great tool for building hybrid mobile apps and AngularJS is a great JavaScript framework that plays very nicely with Ionic. In this talk we'll go over the basics of getting started with AngularJS+Ionic. We'll look at some real code from each of the 2 libraries and see what all is involved in building a hybrid mobile application. We will finish our journey with a real-life Ionic app presentation powered by RESTFul services. Target Audience: People that want to see where to start with AngularJS and how it fits into Ionic. This talk assumes no prior knowledge with either library. If you've built a PhoneGap mobile app but felt lost when adding MVC-style structure or Bootstrap-esque UI components, this is the talk for you. Assumed Knowledge: Attendees should be comfortable with "modern JavaScript". A basic understanding of classes and objects and variable scopes will be helpful. Some basic prior exposure to PhoneGap/Cordova and a UI-framework such as Bootstrap will also be helpful. Main points: A quick overview of MVC. Building your first AngularJS project Adding Routes, Controllers, and Routes to your AngularJS project. Building your first Ionic mobile app. Basic UI components provided by Ionic. How Ionic and AngularJS fit together.