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Speaking at SacInteractive: The Modern World of ColdFusion + CFML

This Wednesday I'll be speaking at SacInteractive, giving a talk we're calling "The Modern World of ColdFusion + CFML".  As anyone that was at Into The Box 2018 knows, modern CFML and tooling rivals other modern languages (even beating them in some areas of functionality).  This talk will be an intro to CFML, CommandBox, and related tooling, showing non-CFML developers that writing ColdFusion in 2018 has all the same perks, language features, and other benefits of JavaScript, Node, and whatever else the "cool kids" are using. 

Come join us and see what you've been missing in the CFML space. Or better yet, find your co-workers that like to say "isn't ColdFusion dead?" and invite them along too. :)

The meeting is Wednesday June 20 at Hacker Lab (17th and I, downtown Sacramento) at 6:30. It's FREE and open to everybody!

Please RSVP at

Hope to see you there!