An Intro to Bootstrap 3

Bootstrap is a new CSS / JavaScript framework that (among other things) solves many common UI problems in web development. Everything from making sites responsive, to integrating drop-down menus, good typography, popups, pagination and so no becomes much easier with Bootstrap! We'll start with the basics of how to install Bootstrap and start adding it to your projects. Then we'll cover using some of the built-in features such as making your sites responsive, nav bars, buttons, menus, and much more! No knowledge of ColdFusion required, this all works with plain CSS (and maybe a tad of JavaScript if we start to get extra fancy).

Description of Target Audience: Web/mobile developers wanting to gain familiarity with the Bootstrap project.

Assumed knowledge for the topic: Working knowledge of HTML and CSS is required. Some experience with JavaScript will be helpful as well. No experience with a server-side technology is required.

Objective for the topic: Attendees will walk away with a brief exposure to Bootstrap and how to start using it in their projects.

Main takeaways:

  • What is Bootstrap and what will it do for me?
  • How to download/install Bootstrap.
  • The concept of "columns" that is used heavily in Bootstrap.
  • A look at some of the UI code snippets -- nav bars, dropdowns, buttons, pagination, etc.
  • Differences in Bootstrap 2 and 3, what changed between the versions.